Time to Find a New Pediatrician

Things that tell me, no, shout to me, to find a new doctor for my kids:

1)  Waiting an hour in the waiting room

Ok, it is one thing to have to wait for your own appointment, but to wait an hour before even seeing the nurse or doctor is excruciating when you have little ones.  Don’t touch this, stop running, give me back my phone, pick up that mess, don’t sit next to the child that is hacking up a lung, don’t tear up the  magazines, blah blah blah. 

I know that every time I visit the pediatrician, I am going to be there for at least 2 hours, which is beyond ridiculous.  I thought that if I was there for the first available appointment (9:00am), that it wouldn’t take as long.  Wrong!  They still didn’t take my copayment  until 9:15 and then was called back there at 9:30.  I finally asked why the heck it takes so long just to be seen, especially since I am the very first person there and it is because they have to verify my insurance.  Every single time I come in, they verify insurance, not before my appointment, but when I show up.  So, my wait time depends on how fast my insurance company answers the phone.  WTF?

2)  Telling me they ran out of vaccines, oh wait….no they didn’t

On one occasion, I took my daughter to the doctor for a shot only visit, so I thought I would be in and out of there.  Silly me!  My appointment was originally at 9am and the doctor’s office called me the day before to see if I could come in at 8:30.  Ok, the office doesn’t open until 9, but I thought ok fine, they were getting an early start that day, so I agreed.  I would be out of there in no time!  I get there and by 9 o’clock, they still haven’t taken my copayment, so I go to the desk trying not to strangle the person and calmly ask what the hold up was.  Oh that is right, had to verify my insurance and guess what?  The customer service line doesn’t open until 9am!  (I’m sure you can imagine what I was thinking!)  Then, I am told that they ran out of the vaccine I was there for, and I received a bunch of  “Oh, I’m so sorry.”  Sorry?!!?  Ok, I couldn’t remain calm any longer.  In an extremely irritated tone I ranted, “Why did you have me come in a half hour early, what was the point?  To wait even longer?  Then to tell me you ran out of a vaccine? You realize this the day of my appointment?  So now I have to come back and sit through this torture again of waiting for you to verify my insurance?  Did it ever dawn on you to verify insurance the day before people’s appointments?  This is ridiculous!!!”  Then comes a stare and a, “I’ll be right back.”  A few minutes later, the lady returned and asked, “So you have regular insurance right?”  In which I responded, “I don’t know what you mean by regular insurance, but I have insurance.”  Then she asked, “So you don’t have medi-cal?”  In which I said, “No, why?”  She then told me, “Oh, well since you have insurance and not medi-cal, we do have the vaccine.”  If ever I wanted to punch someone in the face, it was then, but I refrained myself and just went to the back for my daughter’s shot and got the heck out of there.  I don’t know why it would freaking matter if I had medi-cal or not, maybe some kind of allocation for medi-cal patients, I don’t really care.  I have no idea why they were verifying insurance on the one hand, and then thinking I had  medi-cal on the other.  WTF?

3)  The doctor doesn’t believe in pacifiers

How can you not believe in pacifiers?  It is one thing to say you don’t believe in Santa Claus, but to say you do not believe in pacifiers?  So I guess he believes sleep is overrated cause pacifiers give that extra comfort to help the baby sleep and thus, sleep for the parents.  Pacifiers are a godsend and they work because babies love to suck and this provides a comfort and soothing mechanism for them.  Pacifiers are  mommy’s best friend and we shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about using them.  I told him that I used them for my son and daughter in which he told me that  he didn’t like them because parents need to learn how to soothe their baby in other ways and not take the easy way out.  What?  Being a parent is hard enough and using a pacifier is the easy way out?  I think I looked at him in a confused way because then he said that they are not good for the child because pacifiers delay speech and social interactions.  Yes, if your child always has the pacifier in their mouths, I can see this, but if it is used for what it was designed for, then they are wonderful and do not create problems.  They are not designed to shut the baby up (ok ok, sometimes), but are to help calm the baby down so they can sleep or relax.  My son stopped using his “wa wa” around 2 years old and I am working on my girl to stop.  They both are very social and I can’t “shut” them up even if I tried.  So, WTF?

4)  Staff that doesn’t seem to care much for kids

If you work in a pediatrician’s office or are a pediatrician, you would think that you enjoyed kids.  So when my son says “Hi or how are you doing” please look at him and smile and answer him like he is a person.  He is a person, just a smaller version and one who has better manners.  I thought it was just one particular person that did this, but other times that I have gone I have noticed it is a number of people there.  The doctor I noticed just looks at my children, but doesn’t smile at them or talk to them.  He answers my questions, but that is about it.  I had a different doctor at a different office before, but since we moved, I had to change to this doctor.  The previous doctor and all the staff were so good to my children.  All smiles, giving my son high 5s, talking to them, giving them toys and stickers, and making them feel important.  Now this office, it is get it in and get out.  My daughter on her last visit said “Hi” and gave the nurse the biggest cheesy smile that would even make the Grinch chuckle.  Not this lady.  She just took her weight and pointed to the room to go in.  I thought, oh my God, what the heck is her problem?  She needs to work for the DMV, she’d fit it very well.  This is my last, WTF?

Ok, so thankfully I will be changing insurances next year and thus, a new doctor.  Here is hoping for better doctor experiences in 2012!     

Do you have any other reasons to switch doctors?  I’d like to hear from you!

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My Nurturing Son

As a mom you always think your children are the best in the world and maybe it is my parent “googles,” but I think my son is one special little guy.  As a 3 1/2 year old, he does what any other 3-year-old is supposed to do, drive mommy crazy!  He asserts himself more and more everyday, tests me on a daily….no wait… on a minute to minute basis, asks tons of questions that I run out of answers for, picks on his sister, and loves to make messes.  I am trying to raise a sympathetic and caring child(like all of us), but there are times when I wonder if what I’m doing is working.  Is he ever going to get over this “wanting to destroy and take apart everything and then throw those items at his sister” stage.  He loves to push his sister just as much as he loves to give her hugs.  He loves to take her books away from her just as much as he loves to sit next to her and “read” to her.  He loves to take her food while she is eating just as much as he loves to feed her.  So I’m conflicted.  Is he trying to keep mommy confused or is it just normal boy behavior?  I teach him to be “nice” and “take care” of his sister and to watch out for her and to “protect” her.  So when things are starting to seem like he will never be this way.  A “bit and piece” appears that shows me that my worrying is for nothing.  I bought a doll and play crib for my girl and we were all playing with it.  My girl was taking care of the baby and  my son was throwing the doll around.  I told him he needed to help his sister take care of the baby, sing to the doll and put her in the crib so she could “sleep.”  Then we all get ready for bed.  We go upstairs and I put the doll in her crib between my son’s bed and his sister’s crib(they share a room).  I go to check on them a little while later and find that my girl is asleep, but my darling son is still awake.  I notice that he has something in his bed.  I realize that the doll’s crib is next to him, but I don’t see the “baby.”  I ask him where the “baby” is and he says, “right here” and points to his chest.  The doll is upside down, underneath his shirt.  I’m thinking why in the heck is the baby underneath his shirt and why is it upside down?  So I calmly ask him, “Why is the baby under your shirt and not on top of your chest?  You should have her on top of your chest to rock her to sleep.”  Then he says, “No Mommy, the baby was thirsty?”  So I ask kind of puzzled, “Well then why don’t you give her some water?”  In which he then responds, “because she wanted milk Mommy, so I am giving it to her!”  Aww, my sweet innocent son.  He will be a great dad one day and if his wife can’t breastfeed, he’ll gladly take over.  I guess I know what to get him for Christmas!  Maybe a breastfeeding doll?  Lord help me now!

Do have any shards of evidence that your parenting has worked?   

Thanks for letting me share!

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Orange Juice Doesn’t Make It Breakfast

The Nutella commercial that shows the fake family enjoying a piece of bread with Nutella spread just drives me crazy.  They advertise the Nutella as a breakfast and even have the good ol’ OJ to drink with it.  Ok, OJ does not make it a breakfast.  If I eat a snickers bar with a glass of orange juice, does that mean I can call it a breakfast?  I’m not saying you can’t eat this for your first meal of the day, but don’t make a commercial and advertise it that way.  The kids in the commercial look a little too happy to be having this as a meal, but this is definitely not reality.  Call it what it is, Nutella is a snack.  Just like when they used to advertise pop tarts as a breakfast item, they now show it for what it is, a dessert.  Now you see pop tart commercials that show to eat them with ice cream or as afternoon snacks, but not for a food to consume first thing in the morning.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since Nutella is made by the same company who makes Ferrero Rocher.  I wish ad companies would be more responsible for what they put on the air, but that is wishful thinking.  (ok a little redundant)  I also wish my kids would sleep till 10, but that isn’t going to happen. 

As a side note, I googled “I wish my kids would,” and you know what popped up?  I wish my wife and children would die in a fiery explosion. Ok, that person seriously needs a break or to be locked up!

So what do you think?  Should Nutella advertise itself as breakfast? Leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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