Orange Juice Doesn’t Make It Breakfast

The Nutella commercial that shows the fake family enjoying a piece of bread with Nutella spread just drives me crazy.  They advertise the Nutella as a breakfast and even have the good ol’ OJ to drink with it.  Ok, OJ does not make it a breakfast.  If I eat a snickers bar with a glass of orange juice, does that mean I can call it a breakfast?  I’m not saying you can’t eat this for your first meal of the day, but don’t make a commercial and advertise it that way.  The kids in the commercial look a little too happy to be having this as a meal, but this is definitely not reality.  Call it what it is, Nutella is a snack.  Just like when they used to advertise pop tarts as a breakfast item, they now show it for what it is, a dessert.  Now you see pop tart commercials that show to eat them with ice cream or as afternoon snacks, but not for a food to consume first thing in the morning.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised since Nutella is made by the same company who makes Ferrero Rocher.  I wish ad companies would be more responsible for what they put on the air, but that is wishful thinking.  (ok a little redundant)  I also wish my kids would sleep till 10, but that isn’t going to happen. 

As a side note, I googled “I wish my kids would,” and you know what popped up?  I wish my wife and children would die in a fiery explosion. Ok, that person seriously needs a break or to be locked up!

So what do you think?  Should Nutella advertise itself as breakfast? Leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

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  1. November 10, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    okay! good post! I’m still in shock about the fiery explosion… but on to Nutella. I am guilty of the hurried breakfast. I find a grasp of consolation in giving my kids SOMETHING before leaving in the am. SO – I have given them cheese toast, or peanut butter toast and milk for breakfast BUT I always try to at least add one piece of fruit. Besides – they both get either a breakfast or snack at school. But Nutella to me (even w/ the commercials) still seems like a glorified peanut butter. Good luck on thinking ad companies would be more responsible 🙂 Thanks for the post – a fiery explosion – WTH!?!

    • November 10, 2011 at 4:05 pm

      Thanks for the comment and subscribing! You are my first “nonfamily” subscriber, so congrats! Sorry, I don’t have a prize for you. 🙂
      No, I agree, I give my kids pb & js for breakfast in those hurried mornings, but I just wouldn’t want it advertised as a breakfast item. Just like I let me under 2 yr old watch a little TV even though the AAP is against it, but I wouldn’t expect an ad saying “Hey parents, TV is great for babies!”
      I know about the explosion thing, my mouth dropped when I read that!

      I’ll be checking out your blog! Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. ThatHalfChick said,

    November 12, 2011 at 1:25 am

    I will probably never eat Nutella for breakfast even though I think it tastes a lot like a chocolate doughnut when spread on white bread. When I do eat Nutella, it’s usually as a late night snack. I can’t imagine it as any part of a meal. I have heard it’s fabulous as a Nutella and banana sandwich, though. If my son wanted some Nutella on whole wheat toast for breakfast, I probably wouldn’t complain. It’s probably not any worse than a frozen waffle with syrup and butter, a Krispy Kreme doughnut or toast with butter and jelly…in fact, it may be better (I didn’t do the calculations). I just wouldn’t want him to eat it every morning. Advertising it as a breakfast item doesn’t bother me so much. What I don’t like is how they advertise it as “healthy.” I think it’s just one of those things to enjoy in moderation. As a parent, I’m constantly having to tell my son to just have one glass of Coke or just 2 mini Snickers and all that stuff. As long as yummy food exists, we’ll always have to deal with it. I doubt ad companies will ever be responsible because they want to keep selling and selling. I checked the Nutella website and they sure do push it as a breakfast item!! Under the FAQs they say they advertise it that way because European families have served it that way for over 40 years. You do know what the best breakfast food is though, right? Pizza! Pizza restaurants should advertise buying a pizza at night and having it first thing in the morning! Way better than having pizza for dinner! Nutella pizza maybe??!! Haha!!

    • November 13, 2011 at 7:14 am

      Pizza, sorry that doesn’t sound good to me! I know alot of people who like it though for breakfast, so I’m sure it would be a good idea for pizza places to market that. A nutella/pizza combo, I wouldn’t be too surprised if that comes out one day!

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